Update: GPP for iOS 7.X.X is finally here!
GPP Unlock SIM for iOS 7.X.X will be released after the iOS 7.X.X Jailbreak is released. A Jailbreak is required for the release of an updated GPP SIM for iOS 7.X.X devices, Apple's latest version (THIS MEANS THAT THE iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C CANNOT BE UNLOCKED WITH THE GPP). Those with a Sprint or Verizon iPhone will be able to Unlock iPhone with the GPP SIM on iOS 7 and use any carrier in the USA and abroad once a GPP is released for iOS 7.X.X. Users with a barred, blacklisted or bad IMEI/ESN can take advantage of the GPP SIM as well. AT&T and T-Mobile USA users with an iPhone that has been blacklisted or reported lost or stolen can Unlock their iPhone as well but it will not work on any Carrier in the USA, only abroad. Once the iOS 7.X.X Jailbreak is released and the GPP as well, we will notify those subscribed to our newsletter. We suggest you subscribe to it, and follow us on Twitter by clicking here.
If you have an iPhone on iOS 6.X.X or 7.X.X, you can Unlock your iPhone by clicking the image below or click here!

Written by Anthony Jorado — September 09, 2013

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