In this tutorial we will show you how to unlock your Sprint or GSM iPhone 5, 5S, 5C with new GPP.

 If your iPhone 5 or 5S is Sprint you can only use the SIMPLE Mobile or T-Mobile SIM card we gave you. 

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If your iPhone 5, 5S, 5C is running iOS 6.X or 7.X.X, and is not a Sprint/Boost Mobile iPhone, you don't have to Jailbreak it, proceed to Step 1. If it's a Sprint iPhone, you must Jailbreak it. If it's running iOS 6.1.3 or 6.1.4, proceed to Step 1. If it's running iOS 7.1 or higher, install this patch from safari from your iPhone: (Go to the site, select the blue button, then continue to home screen and open the new app. Select the first option which is to enable patch, then proceed to Step 1). Click here to learn how to Jailbreak, then return back to this page. Jailbreaking is easy, and contrary to what Apple wants you to believe, it's safe to do. Next, Open Cydia, select "manage", and then select "add source". You need to type in and let it add packages. Lastly, go to manage, select packages, and search for "iPhone 5S/5C/5 iOS7 GPP" and install it. 

Step 1

Place the gold SIM interposer in the SIM tray, then put the rainbow SIM card on top. You may have to cut the bottom tip of the gold SIM interposer to make it fit. Wait a few seconds and a carrier list will appear. From the list, select the carrier your iPhone is currently locked to. The screen should show the following:

NOT THERE? If your carrier is not listed, select "Other carrier" and enter your carrier's code. The codes are on a rectangle rainbow card that came with your GPP. When you select "Other carrier", the following screen should appear:

Next, after you selected the carrier or selected send, you should see the following screen (Select Accept and turn the iPhone off):

Step 3

Place your desired SIM card in with the gold SIM interposer after you've removed the rainbow SIM card. The gold SIM interposer must stay in the iPhone with your SIM card at all times. Turn the iPhone on and wait until you get a signal. If you have a Sprint iPhone 5 and it says "No Service", put the SIM card in the iPhone by itself and wait until it says "Activation required", then remove it and place it in the SIM tray with the GPP and let it connect to the carrier.  To get MMS and data working, Visit, and install the APN profile for your carrier. Next, you need to Google "XYZ APN settings for iPhone", replacing XYZ with the name of your carrier. These settings must be placed in Settings, cellular, and found in the Cellular Data section.


Step 4

You can activate the SIM card we gave you via the carrier's website. Note that Sprint iPhone 5 will only work with T-Mobile and SIMPLE Mobile if on iOS 6.1.3 or higher.





Written by Anthony Jorado — April 15, 2013

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