You must have the actual GPP turbo SIM to Unlock your iPhone 4S! Click the image below if you'd like to purchase one to Unlock your Sprint, Verizon, or other CDMA iPhone 5 or 4S.

 Step 1: Jailbreak your iPhone by downloading Evasi0n via for iOS 7.0 - 7.0.6. Then open Cydia, select Manage, Source, and add the following: After, go to Manage, Sources and select " repo, and install "iOS7 4S Newgpp 3G". If you have iOS 7.1 or later, install patch from your iPhone via safari by going to (a new icon will appear on your homescreen. Select the first option when you open it, which will enable patch. If you have any questions, click the "contact us" tab.

Step 2:

Place the rainbow sim card in with the GPP SIM interposer. The carrier list should then appear but if it doesn't and tries to activate, let it try and fail, eject the SIM tray and push it back in and wait for the list to appear. While this screen is open, you will be able to program the chip with any carrier. Please select the carrier that your iPhone is locked to, for example if you have Sprint iPhone select Sprint and if your carrier isn’t shown, you MUST click on ‘Other Carriers’.

If you click on ‘Other Carrier’ you’ll see the following screen. In this screen you will need to enter the 7-digit carrier code. The carrier code will be depend on what carrier the iphone is locked to. Note that some carrier codes will NOT have 7-digits, you will need to add as manyZEROS(0) until you have 7-digits. If you don't know what your carrier's code is, refer to the carrier list on the back of the rainbow card that has the GPP activation code.

Step 3:

The iPhone will appear with a prompt to accept. At this time you'll tap "Accept" and reboot the iPhone. While the iPhone is off, replace the rainbow SIM with the target SIM card and reboot the iPhone. Wait for the iPhone to search for a network and wait. You should get a signal after a few seconds or minutes. If you get "No Service", reset the network settings and reboot the iPhone or restore it. You can go to to select your carrier's APN profile for data but remove the chinese APN profile in General Settings before doing so.

Written by Anthony Jorado — April 13, 2013

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